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How I met my Mother

I am doing a first, but since my blog is fresh that isn’t difficult, two post in one day! Well since it is Mother’s Day it seems apt to tell how we met. As we sit together outside I will tell you. Well I was born an hour and a half away from where I live now. Mom desperately wanted to visit me but she said gas prices are crazy and it would be difficult to pay gas for two trips in her ‘gas guzzler’ well mom got lucky! Her roommate had a doctor’s appointment not too far from where I was born! Mom made sure to get the day off of work and she went with her roommate. She called the breeder and asked to come see me, the breeder said she was available for visiting.

Mom came over, after a few wrong turns MOL. She got out excited as could be and knocked on the door. The lady brought her back to where we were with our birth mom. There were three of us in my litter 2 female and 1 male. The male and I were both born with the bi-color pattern. The breeder told mom to pick me out. She wad pretty sure of which one was me, but we wouldn’t turn around so she could see our faces as that is all she saw in pictures! She was right! I guess a mom always knows her baby right? Mom said she felt like she was having a baby MOL. Me on the other hand I was scared. She grabbed me and took me away from my fur mom and litter mates, all that I had known. I was four weeks old at the time. She wanted to show one of her roommates who is disabled and couldn’t walk in the house. So she brought me to this big metal thing I now know is a car. I was frightened. I was out in the open with nothing familiar. She said leaving me behind was hard but she knew for my health I had to wait till I was two months. She left me and on February 10, 2013 she came back for me. Well guy till next time! Luv ya!


The first time I met Mom


Sitting outside today for mother's day bonding


Jasper and his fur

I also wanted to share with you, Mom brushed Jasper today and we could have had a whole nother doggie with all that fur! That isn’t even all that came off in the photo because the wind was blowing. It has been stormy here a couple days. Luv ya!

Happy Mother’s Day


Happy Mother's Day Mom

Happy Mother’s day to all the mom’s out there! If you don’t have a human family anf you have fur babies, you are still a mom! It isn’t your ability to give birth, it is your ability to love and care for your babies.  So happy Mother’s day to you!!


Luna wishes everyone a Happy Mother's Day!

I told Dezi that I would share a picture of my birth dad. Previously I showed my mom, whom I got my looks from. So now I show my dad. Birth mom and I are bi-colors and look alike, birth dad is a mitted point.


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