First Vet visit


On the way to the vet

Ok Mom got me from the breeder on her only day off from work. She didn’t get to vet me right away. Anyway about a week or so, I can’t remember, Mom started nothing that I had loose stool. This worried her very much. It was uncomfortable for me as well. One day Mom came home from work and her lady roommate said she saw blood in my loose stool. Oh no Mom freaked and called the vet right away!

The vet agreed to see me soon and Mom and her lady roommate brought me. I was less than enthusiastic and wasn’t feeling top notch either. Exhibit B:


Riding in mom's purse to the vet

I can’t fit in Mom’s purse anymore. Well we arrived at the vet. All the techs and the veterinarian fell in love with me. They said I was beautiful and the veterinarian said she had always wanted a Ragdoll so was excited to see me. They said they had to take my picture and put it up on their Facebook:


My first Vet visit

I was famous, for a little while. The vet’s office later told Mom all kinds of people were calling in to find out where they could get a kitty like me. Mom told them where she had gotten me. Mom follows the breeder’s page on Facebook and there was a good number of adoptions in our area after that.

Back to the visit. They did all the routine checking and a stool sample, I was so not into that! Till next time.



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  1. Winter, you are definitely very purrty. Going to the hell house is never fun!


  2. elizabeth white

    De-furr-nitely a purr-ty bebe! Mew still are!!


  3. Wow, so young and already so famous! That’s so cool! But no wonder all kinds of people were trying to find out where they could get a kitty like you – You are BEAUTIFUL!! πŸ™‚ xx Roxy & Tigerlino ❀


  4. You are one gorgeous moggie πŸ™‚


  5. Oh No da VET. Meez didn’t like meez fiwst visit eevew Winter as meez wus vewy sick den tu. And meez always went in mommys puwse. Wees wus beginnin’ tu fink dat wees wus da only kittys tu evew wide wound in mommys puwse. Evewpawdy always seemed tu be amazed and clain deys nevew seen anyfin like it afuw. Wees just fawt it wus nowmal. Mommy uses kwite lawge puwses so meez wus able tu fit fuw a purretty long time. Now meez can only get meez 1 leg in it tho’. MOL

    Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses β™₯β™₯β™₯



  6. Kitty Cat Chronicles

    Winter, you are so beautiful! And what an adorable little kitten. How nice that your picture led to so many other kittens being adopted too. Sorry you weren’t feeling well and had to go to the vet… that’s never any fun. We will be looking forward to hearing about the rest of the visit!

    P.S. Sophie loves to ride in Mom’s purse too. So cute!


  7. You were such a cutie kitten and you’re such a pretty young lady now! I hate going to the vet but once I’m THERE, I relax because I like my doctor – except if he pokes my personal areas then I’m not thrilled!

    Hugs, Sammy


  8. Oh My Catness Winter you were so adorable


  9. You are cute as a bug, thank you for the follow.


  10. Awww what a cutie in mommy’s purse and Ooooo so adorable pictures! Gizmo’s first car ride was to see the vet when he was 3 weeks old. He had trouble breathing and his tail had a bad infection when we found him in our shed. The vet said he had a respiratory infection and his tail was so bad, the vet had to amputate the bad part. So he wasn’t at all happy on his first vet visit either. Love Ya’s Bunches Kisses Too!


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