Vet II


Baby me sleeping

Well they ran all the typical test plus the stool sample. It turns out I had Coccidia. It is an intestinal parasitic infection. When in Cats it most often affects kittens. Your standard worming treatment will not treat this. So all though I had been wormed it didn’t help. I needed a specific medicine that Mom had to give me regularly for a week. It was nasty too. 😦 Mom still have it to me every day!


Sleeping in 'Mom's' bed

I slept with Mom every night I was sick. I had diarrhea really badly! Sometimes I couldn’t make it to the litter box! Then when I did it would get all over my furry pants. You know what that ment right? Baths and lots of them. Sometimes just my bottom and sometimes full baths. I was also getting it all over Mom’s bedding so she had to wash frequently.


After one of my baths

One night I curled upon Mom’s head. It made me feel comfortable and safe. Mom woke up and it was all in her hair! Oh Mom was horrified! She said if me getting that on her doesn’t prove her love she doesn’t know what will! Being so young and tiny it took a lot out of me. I mad it though! All with Mom’s help and that nasty medicine! I went back to the vet about a week later and they did another stool sample ( 😦  )and it was all clear! Yay!! I felt much better.


My baby Sweetie. So handsome isn't he?! πŸ™‚

Oh yeah! My baby, Sweetie, and I have a date tonight!  I am excited he is a wonderful man kitty! <3- well his night my morning. He lives in Australia I am in the U.S. so far apart!


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  1. twoblindcatsandcrew

    Amen. We here at Blind Cat Crew know that medicine taste horrible. Take care.


  2. Oh my!! My sis has had problems with stool too. Its not pleasant and she gets exhausted. Hope things stay good, Winter.


  3. Kitty Cat Chronicles

    Oh, Winter, that is so terrible! Sampson had coccidia when he first joined our family as a kitten too. Poor little fella, it was rough. So he understands what you went through. So sorry you had to go through that, but so glad your mommy and your doctor got you some medicine to knock it out! Glad you are better now!


    • Oh I am so sorry to hear Sampson went through that! It was rough to go through for both me and Mom. Mom worries a lot. Any illness is tough on both family and kitty. Glad Sampson had a good family too to take care of him. ❀


  4. Aaaaw Winter, meez so sowwy yous had tu go fwu dat tu. And meez sowwy ’bout yous mommys haiw, but dat’s funny. Mommy weally got a good chuckle fwum it. Hers completely unnewstands. MOL

    Meez fawt dat wus Sweetie. Hope ya’ll hav a good time. Meez talked tu hims eawliew and hims wus so newvous ’bout meetin’ yous mommy. Meeez told hims dat hims had nuffin’ at all tu wowwy ’bout. Hims such a gentlecat meez knows yous mommy just luvs hims.

    Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses β™₯β™₯β™₯



    • It is ok. You went through a simular situation but was even tinier. We are better now and loved that is what matters. Yes Mom can laugh at the hair situation too. She knows it is funny. She was thinking she needed a shower as soon as she took care of me though. Shower was on the mind that is fur sure! So it is ok to laugh Mom does.

      Yep that is Sweetie. The meeting went well and he was the perfect gentlcat. We are going on a trip next week. To a place in Australia I believe. Should be lots of fun!


      • Yep wees got purretty lucky tu get such good mommys.

        And yous date wiff Sweetie sounds like so much fun. Meez can’t wait tu heaw ’bout whewe yous went. ::)

        Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses β™₯β™₯β™₯



  5. Winter that was a VERY tough time wasn’t it?! And being little you probably just didn’t understand what on EARTH was wrong….well, icky medicine worked and here you are today, beautiful and healthy.

    Hugs, Sammy


  6. Oh wow!! your Mom truly loves you!!
    Hope you get well soon


  7. OMG, I have two Ragdolls too! A Blue Mitted and a Blue Bicolor! I love your Seal Bicolor! ❀ ❀ ❀


  8. Hi Winter its me Einstein
    I had the very same thing when I was little. I was sooooo sick. My feral brofurs would not let me eat and I was a runt and then when I found Dad I perked up and then the food started running through me. He hand fed me for 2 weeks and kept me next to him all the time. He took me into his office and had a heating pad for me to lay on. And I got those baths too. My little bum was really sore and I would scream when Dad washed me. He cut all my hair off back there to help keep it clean. Whew. Now I know someone who had a bad bum when they were tiny. We sure do look good now dont we!!
    Love Einstein


    • Hi Einstein! It is nice to hear from you. I am so sorry to hear you had such a tough start in life. I am glad your daddy found you and saved you. It was a bad time with that huh? Mom must have caught mine sooner since mine was about a week. I can even imagine going through it for two weeks. You poor dear! I am glad you are better now though! We do look good now too! πŸ™‚ luv ya Einstein!


  9. My what a sweet mancat! Winter, you are a very lucky gurlcat. He looks so nice and kind. I’ve heard Australian kitties have an accent like Canadian kitties do. I don’t hear it though. Could be because I’m a Canadian kitty.


  10. I love your baby pictures Winter, what a cutie! Awww poor honey being so sick like that. But mommy sure did take good care of you, so happy you got better so quickly! MOL Hehehe Gizmo’s brother Salem liked to sleep with me all curled up by my pillow when he was a kitten. A few times he used to pee on my head and pillow MOL. So I know how mommy felt, it’s a bit of a surprise to wake up to MOL! Hope you had a wonderful date with Sweetie, he’s a really nice boy, Gizmo and I love him lots! Love Ya’s Bunches and Kisses Too!


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