Sweet Justice

So as you guys know I had a bath. Oh the horror! Well guess what in a stroke of pure justice, everyone else had a bath!! Hahahaha! My humiliation is no longer solitary!

See unfortunately we have had a recent outbreak of fleas. 😦 Mom uses that squeeze on topical on us all. We have never had this issue before. So they are trying to hit it hard. Us the house and yard. So that meant flea shampoo baths for all. Mom hopes to get this all under control.

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Mom has been super lazy and has yet to compile my photos from my trip with my darling Sweetie

My Handsome Prince

My Handsome Prince


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  1. Oh no, you poor sweeties! We hope you get those stupid fleas under control. They are so hard to get rid off! We’re keeping our paws crossed! Have a PURRFECT day! 🙂 xoxo Roxy & Tigerlino ❤


    • Yes Mom is trying hard. She hates to see us suffer. We hope everything we are doing takes care of it. Mom has lived Here seven years and this is the first time it has gotten like this. 😦


  2. Well I know it had to be a horrible experience having that bath BUT I just bet you feel better afterwards – ALL of you! Fleas are icky and yucky and itchy so perhaps this will be the last time you have to suffer the horror of bathing!!!!!

    Hugs, Sammy


    • I sure would like to hope so. We hope they go away. Mom doesn’t know why it got like this. It may be the new doggies in the neighbourhood. We never had this problem before 😦


  3. Well, at least everybody else got a bath too…the human keeps threatening to give me one now that her shoulder is a little better….but I think she’s putting it off til the physical therapist says its okay- *(calling the physical therapist)*….


  4. OMC Fleas, oh you poor babies! But all of ya’s look so adorable after your baths! I used to have to deal with fleas when I lived in New York, and boy they were bad there! But since we’ve been living in Arizona, I have not had one problem with them, Thank Catness, must be the dry hot climate! Hope mommy has a quick and easy time getting them out and you all aren’t itchy for long. Love Ya’s bunches and kisses too!


  5. Oh your poor household 😦 We hope you get those nasty pests deaded soon! Everyone looks wonderful after their baths though 🙂


  6. Well thank Cod you weren’t the ONLY one! Now you can totally deny the poop incident and blame it on fleas!


  7. At least evewpawdy got one Winter. Poow Luna, she looks so sad. And OMC FLEAS!!! Is dat time of year here tu. Mommy”s duin’ evewfin’ hers can tu keep dem gone. Wees hate da stwipe ons and hav found dem not workin’ as well in da last few years. Wees did find sumfin new (and affowdable, sowt of) at amazon.com. As soon as mommy can get da munnys hers gunna let us twy dem. It’s like a fingy dat yous put on yous collaw. Wees don’t membew what deys called but yous can look at dem on ow wish list ifin yous want. Mommy finks deys in da one wiff meez name on it. Deztinee High. Hav fun enjoyin’ yous sweet revenge. 🙂

    Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

    Dezi ♥


    • Thanks for the advice. We never had this issue before so don’t know what to make of it. It was always under control. Mom is trying. She considered trying the pills. We don’t know. Luv ya


      • Yep altho’ wees think wee had a pawful winter it weally wusn’t cold ’nuff tu kill off da fleas. Same fur ya’ll. And just like all da other bugs dey’s buitldin’ up a tolerance tu ow tweatments. Ifin yous can’t get it under contwol let mommy know cuz wees du know sum mowe dwastic measuwes but mommy sez deys a last stwaw kinda fing cuz altho’ yous not outtin’ it on da animals it’s still kuld be dangewous fur dem. Yous hav tu take extra purrcauitios.

        Luv and Hugs and Kitty kisses

        Dezi ♥


      • Ok thanks sweetie. We are going to wait a bit and see how it goes and let ya know.


      • Oh yes, like wees sed, it wuld be a last stwaw fing. 🙂 good luck.

        Luv and Hugs and Kitty kisses



  8. Fleas are not fun, so sorry you have such nasty critters, hope they leave real soon.


  9. Kitty Cat Chronicles

    Fleas?!? NOOOO! Those are the worst. We got them last summer, and it was terrible. Hope you guys get rid of them soon!


  10. Hooray! It worked at last…it’s going on Dad’s so I made it weekly just in case he objects to my using it 😛 Mommy’s not lazy…she’s been super-busy, washing & drying lots of furkids, some with very thick coats. Lucky the weather’s warmer – but then you wouldn’t have the problem if it was cold. Those pesky critters have just woken up starving from a long hiberbernation! Sweetie has Advantage & I set off Mortein flea bombs (I b
    lock off half the house at a time & bomb it while Sweetie stays in the other part for 2 or 3 hours. Then I let him in the other half, while I treat the remainder) Do you have Mortein over there? It lasts 9 months, so you bomb early in spring each year.


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