Cleaning and napping

Hi guys! I have slowly been getting around to visiting y’all. Mom is off today but has housework to do. Bummer for her right. Me I am spending most of the time napping unless my snoopervision is required of course. You know those human can’t seem to manage to do anything right. hehe Mom is doing an awful lot of laundry today! That huge machine keeps a whirling on. Good news is, that the reason she is doing a lot of laundry is cuz she is doing ALL the bedding. Oh yeah! I had to get in on that right?! What respectable kitty wouldn’t? I think it is kitty law we must help with the bed making process. Luna got in on it too!

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Mom is baking a red velvet cake! Mmmmm it smells yummy. They have a friend and his daughter down from Texas and his birthday is tomorrow so they are going to surprise him with a cake. Everyone else is out fishing but Mom. She doesn’t have her license to go so stayed and did house work.

In Mom news: She said thank you to all of your kind support. Y’all helped her smile when she was down. No she doesn’t have to transfer! She just has to train the lady who is going to take that position. Her friend was upset when Mom told her about the accident and kinda lost it a little bit, but no more than expected. Mom would have probably had words too so she can’t hold that against her. But in the end it was all ok. She let it go and knows it was an accident. Mom, though, is keeping away from her car for now. She still feels guilty and has her truck back so that helps. (the friend had the truck) As for the Mayor he is just a chauvinistic jerk mom luckily doesn’t have to deal with on a regular basis. She really appreciates all your nice words. Thank you


Last but certainly not least Calista Jo The cat on my head (my link won’t work 😦  ) from  is celebrating her birthday! It is a super cute Hello Kitty theme planned by her brother and cat scout Mauricio. If you haven’t (although I think many of my friends have) pop by and wish her a happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Calista Jo! I attended her party badge

Happy Birthday Calista Jo! I attended her party badge

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  1. Winter, what a pawsome furiend you are to tell efurrybuddy about Calista Jo’s birthday. We all love a good pawty and like to have lots of furiends celebrating with us. That red velvet cake sounds scrumptious. Maybe your mom would make a second one for Cat Scouts. Well the best news is that your mom won’t have to transfer. Yippee. That definitely would have cut into your time at Scouts. Have fun helping with the bed making chores. We too love it when that happens. Here’s the link to our site for anyone who wants to drop by:
    XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


  2. Snorts – that looks like some fun time in the sheets playing around. I wonder if I can try some of those techniques tonight if I can beg my way into the big bed with mom/dad? Sorry to hear about your mom’s troubles. 🙂 I’m sending her some hogs and snout kisses – will you please give them to her for me? XOXO – Bacon


  3. Oh yeah, it’s kitty law to help with the bed making process! MOL 😆 We love doing that too! Sorry to hear what your mom has been through! All the best to her! 🙂 Have a PURRFECT weekend! xoxo Roxy & Tigerlino ❤


  4. I was at the pawty too Winter! That cake your Mom is making sounds delish…..I’d say sneak some of it and take it up on her bed to eat but I think since she’s just changed the sheets she’d not appreciate that! Sending hugs to your Mom AND to you!



  5. Red Velvet cake is the best 🙂 Hope the party is blast. All the best to your mom.


  6. Kitty Cat Chronicles

    Helping make the bed is the best! Hope everyone enjoys that red velvet cake. We had a great time at Calista Jo’s party too! So much fun!


  7. Winter, we like to help the mom make the bed too. But that’s about all the house work we do! Have a great weekend!


  8. Yous and Luna look so bootyful. Meez suwe yous mommy purreshates all da help yous giv hers. 🙂 Glad fings awe goin’ a bit bettew fuw yous mommy. And wed velvet cake is yummy nummy. Yous might wanna steal a little bite. 🙂 Hav fun at da pawtys.

    Luv ya’



  9. The way I try to get the sheets on my bed? I wait until my daughter feeds the cats, run to my bedroom, close the door (quietly) and proceed. When I open the door, all my kitties are there! As a treat, I always leave the top sheet off so I can get their help. 😀

    My cats also help clear off the tables-lol!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


    • Haha good planning. Luna has a secret power that lets her know a bed is going to get made. No matter where she is she comes running. Hehe Mom is accommodating. Since she washes in batches we enjoy the layers. We don’t help with the table though. Should give it a try.


  10. Oh I just love red velvet cake.

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  11. Yow Winter n Luna me helped wif changin da sheetz n sum chorez today befur me went out in Condo….
    It IZ a kitteh law we must assist Hu’manz wif sheetz n laundree dutee…dey need us!!!
    Me n Mum are reeleeved dat yer Mum n her furend sorted out da accydent situashun n peece iz reestored. N we iz thrilled yer Mum NOTT hab to transfurr either….
    Here’z to a bery happy weekend!
    Lub Nylablue n Sherri-Ellen ❤ ❤
    Pee ess: Wazn't Calista Jo'z HK pawty da best?????


    • How cool is that. We all had fun changing the sheets. Ahh what an amazing kitteh law.
      Thank you Mom is relieved that it all worked out as best as could be expected. We appreciate the supports.
      Also Yes Calista Jo’s Party was awesome. It was set up and done very beautifully.


  12. Me LUBZ ‘Kitteh Law’; it neber failz us…..
    We iz so releeved fer yer Mum…
    Iz allwayz sumfing…a lady just fell head ferst outta her wheelychair here n Mum n 2 other peeple had to pick her up off da parkin lot…poor lady had a bloodie nose…she iz okayz. Mum sayz her Nurse trainin kicked rite in 😉
    Now back to sum post pawty nappin 😉
    Lub Nylablue ❤ ❤


  13. Looks like you guys had a grand day doing laundry with mom! So very excited that all turned out well at work for your mom and that her friend understood.


  14. Hope your party was fun. I haven’t tried red velvet cake but it looks pretty good. Winter’s coat really lights up outside, doesn’t it? Funny – when we visited our Chelle in hospital yesterday evening, a man fell trying to make it to a wheelchair.with his wife. We just caught him. We hope Chelle will be well enough to leave tomorrow. On Sunday we pick up Bob’s new (used) ride-on mower. Sweetie sends love to his baby & hopes they get back together soon


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