Easy Sunday


Hi all! We are taking it easy today as you can see. Hehe! Mom’s allergies are kicking in again! So she is tired but we are working on making our rounds. Mom started on Facebook. We don’t comment as much there as on blogs so it is easier to get out of the way.


Luna is taking it easy today too! US kitties have the right idea Mom said! She said she should join us! Silly humans take life too seriously!


We have an update on the baby fishies!  For those of you who don’t know, Mom ended up with a mated pair of Red Jewel Chichlid. The female ended up spawning.


See how tiny the babies were?!

Mom was less than thrilled because she has zero knowledge on raising baby fish. There were tons. Well over time only the strongest have survived.  If it was due to nature or Mom’s inexperienc we don’t know for sure but we are sure it is a bit of both. Well, anyway,  you can see that the little dots are starting to look like fish!


See they look like tiny fish instead of dots

OK Mom is a bit disappointed because the female may be pregnant again.  Mom didn’t want any more but didn’t have enough tanks to separate them. Just in case someone wants to fuss, Mom did not want a mated pair but she took those fish because she didn’t want them to die.


On a final note I want to leave you with some images of my beautiful windblown baby Sweetie.  He looks so handsome!

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  1. Happy Sunday to you, beautiful! 🙂 We hope your mommy is feeling better soon. Allergies are a nuisance, aren’t they?! Those baby fishes are YUMMY… uh, we mean cute!! 😉

    Love ya!
    xx Roxy & Tigerlino ❤


  2. Achoooo! I guess you hear that a lot since your poor Mom has allergies….well, take it EASY today and get lots of rest – maybe THAT will help?? The baby fishies are tiny!

    Hugs, Sam


  3. You gals look so relaxed! I think I may kick back and enjoy a hearty snooze myself. The fish are fantastic. I imagine a certain amount of deaths is natural with all those fish. I am amazed no kitties have pulled any fish out of there habitat. The fish sure have grown.



  4. You are so GORGEOUS winter! You know, you are a kat… You could help your mom with that fish purroblem! *(just sayin)* he he he…


  5. Ya’ll look pawsum Winter and yous du hav da wight idea. MOL As fuw da fishys….they be so cute. Sowwy yous mommy got stuck wiff mates and anuddew batch of little fishys.
    Sweetie looks handsum as evew.

    Luv ya’



  6. We’ve been taking it easy today too. After all the noise this weekend, we need the rest. 🙂


  7. Kitty Cat Chronicles

    Mom and Dad spent the weekend being lazy with us – they kept saying that they could be like us cats EVERY day. Kitties sure do have it good, don’t we?
    Wow, so many fishes! And more on the way?!? That’s crazy! Good luck!
    And your Sweetie is very handsome. Such a great couple.


  8. Oh Dear Winter, you and Sweetie are so romantic ❤ Angel


  9. We bet your mom can find info on-line about how to raise those fishes. Do y’all spend time watching the fishies? Lily Olivia’s three brothers lived in a home with a fish tank, and they loved sitting on a chair next to the tank and watching. Have a terrific week. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


  10. Your poor mom and her allergies 😦 The baby fish are getting big aren’t they! Hope you girls had a great Easy!


  11. Hope your day was relaxing. Everyone just needs a relaxing day once and awhile.


  12. Funny…I bought 2 cute key torches yesterday. The owls eyes light up & it ‘gives a hoot’. Angry bird glows out his beak & whistles when the button is pressed 🙂 My brother (Bob’s parents too) went square dancing in those hop outfits in the 50’s. I went to school with the daughter of a square dance caller 🙂 Cute photos ❤


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