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Cubby Chaos

Ok I don’t know if I mentioned Luna LOVES being in Mom’s closet. Mom had given up on it and basically turned it over to Luna. The floor at least. She still has her cloths and the top to use hehe. We run her life ya know. Anyway Luna had made a nest down there and Mom just let her be since it made her so happy.


See how messy she made it!

Well we have had leaking in the bathroom tub faucet. Luna loved it because she could play with the leak and I enjoyed it a bit myself. The humans felt it needed fixing though. Well to get to the back of the tub plumbing you have to go through Luna’s closet. Ya know what that meant? Oh yeah tearing up Luna’s nest poor dear was traumatized.

Poor Luna is so upset with the turn of events.

Poor Luna is so upset with the turn of events.

Well they got the leaky faucet replaced all through the process Luna didn’t know what to do with herself. Mom tried to comfort her but you know how it is right? Anyway Mom fixed the closet back but Luna isn’t happy with it. It is too neat! She wanted her nest back. I am sure she will fix it in a matter of time.

Mom added the plush blankets Luna loves but it is neat and not nestie

Mom added the plush blankets Luna loves but it is neat and not nestie

How does Luna feel about this? You wanted to see how she felt? Well here it is:

Uh...What is that supposed to be. Not MY nest surely

Uh…What is that supposed to be. Not MY nest surely

In other news Mom made Arabelle a new collar since she broke hers. Doggies can be quite ruff sometimes. hehe Mom made it out of paracord with love.

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Caturday Art


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Meeting my Family

Well Mom came a picked me up on February 10, 2013. If you remember I told you it was about an hour and a half away. I am not fond of car rides at all. So the whole way there I was meowing and climbing all over mom. We arrived at the new house and I was so nervous! There was these two furry creatures that didn’t look like me and were HUGE! They turned out to be my doggie siblings. They scared me and were jumping all over the place excited. Mom then brought me to my room (I let her think it is her room) it was to be my safe place.


The two huge creatures Jasper and Arabelle

Later Mom brought Luna in to meet me. I was nervous and she did not like me! She hissed and I ran under the bed. This was pretty much how our meetings went for a while. She was interested in me and I in her but we didn’t know what to make of each other. Slowly we got to know each other. She is now my best friend. We love each other. Mom said I was good for Luna. She was always a bit distant and didn’t play much or want to be petted or loved and she has become warmer since we became close. Mom said she will forever be grateful for that. It gives Luna a better quality of life. Luv ya!


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