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International Blog Boxing day

Hi all! *paw waves* I know I have been a bit gone recently. Mom has been working and tired so that has made it hard for me to get her to type for me. You know the floofy paws and all aren’t conductive to typing. Anyway I am here for Boxing day. I love boxes of all sorts, I am a cat so of course I LOVE boxes. What kitty doesn’t? Not even just the cardboard kind either so here are my box photos:

I have been great the sun looks like it is trying to come out. We have had lots of rain. Not my favorite weather as I can’t go outside like I want to. bummer! But the sunpuddles seem to be coming back. Awesome! I am not all sure what is going on so I will try to catch up or get to a point that I can anyway.

Mom has had a BAD day and wishes to vent so I am allowing her to do so here. If you don’t want to listen to her venting you can stop HERE. We won’t be mad promise!
First the meanie mayor came into her work, he is always so rude to her and has that I am better than everyone attitude. Mom dislikes it very much. He lied and said he had to wait for them a long time when it was less than a minute, mom checked her cameras at work. Then he got snippy about mom and her coworker very rude. Then Moms DM came in wanting her to transfer locations WTC like she wants to work at that location and it is further from home. Then all he does is complain about everything that is wrong and can’t possibly interject a nice remark in all that negativity. Oh yeah and to top it off, which mom feels HORRIBLE about this, her friend sent Mom to the store in her friend’s car. Well when mom got to park she hit the cement thing and scratched the front of the car. She said she isn’t even sure what happened she had pressed the break down but her foot must have slipped or something, it happened so fast, cuz she said it started stopping then all of a sudden didn’t?! Mom is so upset over this her friend hasn’t come back home and she doesn’t know how to tell her. Mom is upset and scared. Ok that is it. If you read through the whining with Mom thank you. We promise not to do it often.

Lots of Love and enjoy your boxing day,

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