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Crazy Rain


OMC look at that crazy weather!

Yesterday the weather got crazy. Mom was driving home when it hit. She had just run an errand. She was just minutes from home and it came down! Oh catness! Mom said her visibility was diminished. She safely made it home, but boy was I scared!


Mom took this photo after she got off the road. The rain was coming down hard. I didn’t like it, but like a train wreck I had to sit in the window and watch. Mom came up to me hugging me and I hid my face in her chest. Shortly after this, the wind picked up heavily.


Flag pole on the ground!

The wind knocked the flag pole to the ground! You see the tree above the circle? See how the wind was blowing it?! Crazy crazy.  I was not a fan! Hump it took my sunpuddles too! Hope your weather is prettier! 


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