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Play time!

Well mom went shopping today and picked me up my treats.Cuz she knows what will happen if I run out of treats While there she picked me up a new wand toy. It was cheap but I tear through those feathers like crazy! I was happy to play with it. Mom is in my favor right now! hehe Also the sun puddles have come back, so I am a happy kitty!

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While I was enjoying my exercise with my new toy. Luna was enjoying an easy Sunday! She was napping on back of Mom’s recliner.

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Also I want to say, please keep Dezi and Lexi’s Mom in your prayers and hearts. We haven’t had any news on her. She needs your well wishes. Thank you.

Pictures belong to Dezi, Lexi, and Audra High

Pictures belong to Dezi, Lexi, and Audra High

Throwback Thursday!!



Meow! Throwback Thursday! Ok so I know I am only a bit over a year, but I will do a throwback anyway hehe! That was me in a water box as a tiny kitteh! You all should know I LOVE my water boxes! I even had a ‘problem’ at a young age. *sigh* there is just no help for me! 😛

The water box addiction continues!

The water box addiction continues!

I also have a video! Oh Mom said I was so teny tiny!

Disclaimer: No Winter was harmed in the making of this video hehe. I just had a little tumble. get up and shake it off!

Oh and also I got a lovely picture made from my friend at SMC, Storm. It is beautiful, thank you so much!

Gift made by Storm of me and my darlin'

Gift made by Storm of me and my darlin’

Luv Ya!

Shopping around the world


I stole Mom's shopping bag

Well I did something a bit….unusual last night. At least it was for me. I woke mom up kneading her (mot the unusual part) see I have this weird thing (Mom said it is weird) where when I knead with my front paws I can’t keep my back paws still. They go up and down and I shuffle about on Mom. She says it is endearing. Anyway Mom decided since she had to work early and didn’t sleep well the night before, that she would fall asleep in the middle of my menstruations. Rude right? Well I let her know it was not appreciated by digging my claws into her arm. She got the message and woke up again. While she still didn’t why I had woken her up to begin with. She started petting me. I enjoyed that very much but it didn’t fill my belly. Mom then realised I was there for more than lovin’. I wanted noms! So she went to get up and I latched onto her like a little spider monkey!  (No claws though) Mom thought it was so funny that I was hooked to her arm and then I got my noms! Hehe my plan worked out well!!

Ok I also want to send out a huge birthday wish to Dezi and Lexi’s Mom. I apologise for being late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a wonderful kitty Mom



Finally I joined in to do Bacon and Fozzie‘s Shopping Around the World:

Price of internet for one month: $45.00
Pint of Ben and Jerry’s: $5.25
Six pack of Coke: $2.50
Coffee: Community Coffee 1lb $6.35
Standard size Snickers bar: $0.85
Grooming session: Mom grooms me so I don’t have this one,  sorry

I live in Louisiana and food tax is $0.04 and non-food and service is $0.08 😀

Luv ya! Winter

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