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Missed you guys!



Hi everyone!  I missed you guys! Mom got a new smartphone on a payment plan. We didn’t mean to make anyone feel bad. We weren’t asking for help, we know things can be tough. We just didn’t want to dissappear.  We will try to jump back in though we probably won’t catch up.



Mom took some photos with her new phone. I didn’t exactly cooperate with her. I wasn’t in the mood for a photo shoot. Hehe I was more interested in the chirping Blue Jays.




Hi All!

Hi All!

Hello everyone. I am sorry I am falling behind…again. My main source of communication with you is Mom’s smart phone and it is on the fritz. So we grab the friend’s laptop when we can. Anyway, Clastia Jo’s party was a success and I got a photo momento from her. It is a Hello Kitty souvenir picture with me. How awesome right!

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Also, big news on the Cat Scouts front, I am a few days behind, we had another purrmotion ceremony. We had a few members move up in rank. Some are even your bloggie friends who I am sure let you know they did as this is an exciting thing.

And Finally, SMC is still not up so I wanted to send out love and purrs to all my friends there. I especially miss my darling baby Sweetie. I love you honey. Mom has been keeping up with your mom so I did get a few nice pictures to see of you!
Lots of love to my Sweetie

Lots of love to my Sweetie

Please Pray


Light your way home Winston

Please pray for Winston and his family. Winston went missing last night during stormy weather and hasn’t yet come home. This is unusual for him.
Many are worried and we pray for a safe return home. This is a very scary time for his family. Our hearts go out to them.

UPDATE: It is with a heavy heart I report Winston has gone over the bridge. Thank you all for your prayers.

Cat Scouts trip to the Philippines Scrapbook


Group Photo at Snake Island

The Cat Scouts went on a trip to Scout Sushi’s homeland the Philippines. We had lots of fun visiting the different scenic places like Snake Island and Boracay.


Boracay was lots of fun!

We also did exciting things like windsurfing:


Me windsurfing

And explored the caves of Puerto Princesa:


Beautiful entrance to the caves


Inside the gorgeous caves

Played some:


Beach Volleyball

We also relaxed:


Timmy, Andy, and Me on the beach


Twilight rafting

And had wonderful dinners:


Lovely dinner with some Scout friends

We even had Scout Ali’s birthday! She turned 13! Wonderful! :

It was a blast! We had lots of fun! Can’t wait for the next trip.

If you want to have fun with us, join the Cat Scouts! Tell them Winter sent ya! 🙂

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