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Ok guys Mom’s phone finally bit the dust. As I have said that was how we communicated with you guys. Mom doesn’t have a computer or laptop and borrows one from her roommates when she can so I will be about sporadically when I can. I probably wont be posting on the blog much if at all because I wont be able to share pictures cuz Mom’s phone was everything her camera and storage so that is where they all are and what she would have used to take updated photos. Mom does have insureance but it will still cost her over $200 to replace her smartphone and she just doesn’t have it. When she figures out how to get the money and pay for it we will be back. I will try and visit you all whenever Mom gets a chance to appropriate the friends’ lap top.


Lots of Luv,


Cubby Chaos

Ok I don’t know if I mentioned Luna LOVES being in Mom’s closet. Mom had given up on it and basically turned it over to Luna. The floor at least. She still has her cloths and the top to use hehe. We run her life ya know. Anyway Luna had made a nest down there and Mom just let her be since it made her so happy.


See how messy she made it!

Well we have had leaking in the bathroom tub faucet. Luna loved it because she could play with the leak and I enjoyed it a bit myself. The humans felt it needed fixing though. Well to get to the back of the tub plumbing you have to go through Luna’s closet. Ya know what that meant? Oh yeah tearing up Luna’s nest poor dear was traumatized.

Poor Luna is so upset with the turn of events.

Poor Luna is so upset with the turn of events.

Well they got the leaky faucet replaced all through the process Luna didn’t know what to do with herself. Mom tried to comfort her but you know how it is right? Anyway Mom fixed the closet back but Luna isn’t happy with it. It is too neat! She wanted her nest back. I am sure she will fix it in a matter of time.

Mom added the plush blankets Luna loves but it is neat and not nestie

Mom added the plush blankets Luna loves but it is neat and not nestie

How does Luna feel about this? You wanted to see how she felt? Well here it is:

Uh...What is that supposed to be. Not MY nest surely

Uh…What is that supposed to be. Not MY nest surely

In other news Mom made Arabelle a new collar since she broke hers. Doggies can be quite ruff sometimes. hehe Mom made it out of paracord with love.

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International Blog Boxing day

Hi all! *paw waves* I know I have been a bit gone recently. Mom has been working and tired so that has made it hard for me to get her to type for me. You know the floofy paws and all aren’t conductive to typing. Anyway I am here for Boxing day. I love boxes of all sorts, I am a cat so of course I LOVE boxes. What kitty doesn’t? Not even just the cardboard kind either so here are my box photos:

I have been great the sun looks like it is trying to come out. We have had lots of rain. Not my favorite weather as I can’t go outside like I want to. bummer! But the sunpuddles seem to be coming back. Awesome! I am not all sure what is going on so I will try to catch up or get to a point that I can anyway.

Mom has had a BAD day and wishes to vent so I am allowing her to do so here. If you don’t want to listen to her venting you can stop HERE. We won’t be mad promise!
First the meanie mayor came into her work, he is always so rude to her and has that I am better than everyone attitude. Mom dislikes it very much. He lied and said he had to wait for them a long time when it was less than a minute, mom checked her cameras at work. Then he got snippy about mom and her coworker very rude. Then Moms DM came in wanting her to transfer locations WTC like she wants to work at that location and it is further from home. Then all he does is complain about everything that is wrong and can’t possibly interject a nice remark in all that negativity. Oh yeah and to top it off, which mom feels HORRIBLE about this, her friend sent Mom to the store in her friend’s car. Well when mom got to park she hit the cement thing and scratched the front of the car. She said she isn’t even sure what happened she had pressed the break down but her foot must have slipped or something, it happened so fast, cuz she said it started stopping then all of a sudden didn’t?! Mom is so upset over this her friend hasn’t come back home and she doesn’t know how to tell her. Mom is upset and scared. Ok that is it. If you read through the whining with Mom thank you. We promise not to do it often.

Lots of Love and enjoy your boxing day,

Shopping around the world


I stole Mom's shopping bag

Well I did something a bit….unusual last night. At least it was for me. I woke mom up kneading her (mot the unusual part) see I have this weird thing (Mom said it is weird) where when I knead with my front paws I can’t keep my back paws still. They go up and down and I shuffle about on Mom. She says it is endearing. Anyway Mom decided since she had to work early and didn’t sleep well the night before, that she would fall asleep in the middle of my menstruations. Rude right? Well I let her know it was not appreciated by digging my claws into her arm. She got the message and woke up again. While she still didn’t why I had woken her up to begin with. She started petting me. I enjoyed that very much but it didn’t fill my belly. Mom then realised I was there for more than lovin’. I wanted noms! So she went to get up and I latched onto her like a little spider monkey!  (No claws though) Mom thought it was so funny that I was hooked to her arm and then I got my noms! Hehe my plan worked out well!!

Ok I also want to send out a huge birthday wish to Dezi and Lexi’s Mom. I apologise for being late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a wonderful kitty Mom



Finally I joined in to do Bacon and Fozzie‘s Shopping Around the World:

Price of internet for one month: $45.00
Pint of Ben and Jerry’s: $5.25
Six pack of Coke: $2.50
Coffee: Community Coffee 1lb $6.35
Standard size Snickers bar: $0.85
Grooming session: Mom grooms me so I don’t have this one,  sorry

I live in Louisiana and food tax is $0.04 and non-food and service is $0.08 😀

Luv ya! Winter

Quality Time

Well Mom’s Staycation is coming to a close. It was a wonderful week. We spent lots of time together and lots of outside time. I enjoy outside with Mom as I mentioned. We got to enjoy each other’s company. That also means a lot of photos! Mom and her pictures! hehe I hope you enjoy the slideshow!

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We spent a lot of time outside. I naturally looked for shaded spots. It can get warm in Louisiana with all my fur! Mom kept a close eye on me too. Now I am worn out from the week and if you can see. I am exhausted and sleeping. I know Friday is a good day for most, but we have been dreading it since it marked the end of Mom being home with me every day! Well I guess things are going to be heading back to normal.

The Cat Scouts are having their Indy 500 celebration at the tabbt cat club because Cat Scouts site is having technical difficulties. Also over at the cat blogosphere they posted about the . Mom sent them an email. I hope they get it and that I get included in the calendar. that would be an awesomely cool honor. 😀

Luv ya,

How I met my Mother

I am doing a first, but since my blog is fresh that isn’t difficult, two post in one day! Well since it is Mother’s Day it seems apt to tell how we met. As we sit together outside I will tell you. Well I was born an hour and a half away from where I live now. Mom desperately wanted to visit me but she said gas prices are crazy and it would be difficult to pay gas for two trips in her ‘gas guzzler’ well mom got lucky! Her roommate had a doctor’s appointment not too far from where I was born! Mom made sure to get the day off of work and she went with her roommate. She called the breeder and asked to come see me, the breeder said she was available for visiting.

Mom came over, after a few wrong turns MOL. She got out excited as could be and knocked on the door. The lady brought her back to where we were with our birth mom. There were three of us in my litter 2 female and 1 male. The male and I were both born with the bi-color pattern. The breeder told mom to pick me out. She wad pretty sure of which one was me, but we wouldn’t turn around so she could see our faces as that is all she saw in pictures! She was right! I guess a mom always knows her baby right? Mom said she felt like she was having a baby MOL. Me on the other hand I was scared. She grabbed me and took me away from my fur mom and litter mates, all that I had known. I was four weeks old at the time. She wanted to show one of her roommates who is disabled and couldn’t walk in the house. So she brought me to this big metal thing I now know is a car. I was frightened. I was out in the open with nothing familiar. She said leaving me behind was hard but she knew for my health I had to wait till I was two months. She left me and on February 10, 2013 she came back for me. Well guy till next time! Luv ya!


The first time I met Mom


Sitting outside today for mother's day bonding


Jasper and his fur

I also wanted to share with you, Mom brushed Jasper today and we could have had a whole nother doggie with all that fur! That isn’t even all that came off in the photo because the wind was blowing. It has been stormy here a couple days. Luv ya!

What is in a name?

Well many people/kitties are interested in why my name is what it is. Well of course that all started with Mom. She has always had a thing for unusual and unique names. Nothing crazy but different. She had read a book quite some time before I was born where one of the characters was named Winter. He was a boy but mom figured it could work for either. She decided that she would one day use it. See Mom isn’t interested in having human children so she figured it would be used on one of her fur-kids. Fast forward to January of 2013 when she found me. She knew I was the name was ment for! Everything fell right into place. It starts with my eyes Mom said they are winter blue. I was also born 12/12/12 in the middle of Louisiana winter. Lastly my birth mother’s name is Frosty! It was all perfect! I would love to know how you got your name.

I know I said we would talk of my first meeting with Mom but she had to work on her truck so she could go to work. It wouldn’t start. It is good now but took up time. Luv ya and catch ya later!


Birth mom Frosty


Me with my litter mate.

It all started with a photo

Hi guys, I am new to this blogging thing and figured I would start at the beginning. How I came to be where I am now. It all started with an online photo of me. Well you could say it was my mom’s desire to have a Ragdoll cat. She is by no means rich and every Ragdoll she found went for a significant cost. Well mom decided that this year (2013) was the year she was going to get one no matter what. She was using her income tax refund to gift herself. Well mom started searching for Ragdolls in Louisiana and to say it was difficult was an understatement!

There were two catteries that raised my breed but one hadn’t had any kittens for quite a while. Well she found the one that had me. She looked at all the kitten pictures and saw mine, she said she knew that I was the one. She held off for quite some time as she didn’t have the money. Well she finally got enough to put a hold on me. She called the lady and asked if I was still available. I was! How excited she was! She kept waiting on the paypal link to put my hold on and it never seemed to come! About half an hour later mom got a call from the lady, she said two nurses had come from out-of-town to look at the babies and they wanted me! OMC mom got nervous she really wanted me. To her relief the lady said since I had called (a mere) five minutes before they arrived Mom was to get me. She was so ecstatic! Next time I will post our first meeting and how I got my unusual name. Till next time!

This is one of the photos posted on the site that mom saw

This is one of the photos posted on the site that mom saw

This is the second photo she saw

This is the second photo she saw

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