Retro Christmas Part 1

Ok guys, I am going to do some Retro Christmas photos. Meaning the ones I didn’t get to share for Christmas since Mom didn’t help me ;P In this post I am going to share some Christmas preparations.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Those who are interested in what is going on with Mom. She thanks everyone for their kind words, and support. She currently works as an assistant manager at a retail location. She has been with that company for eight years. Her boss went on medical leave. She doesn’t appear to be coming back so the district manager is wanting to promote her to manager. She has been acting manager for the past four months or so. Anyway, she has completed all the testing and passed she now has to do an interview with the regional manager Friday. Wish her luck. 😀 She is a little nervous.


On a sadder note. I wanted to let everyone know, my darling boyfriend has crossed the rainbow bridge. It was very tragic for us and his Mom and Dad. He got sick and went to the vet repeatedly but despite best efforts, and probably his age, he lost the battle. RIP my darling Sweetie, I miss you very much already. I know you are watching over me.


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  1. Love your very beautiful pictures, sweet Winter! Yes, very sad news about your Sweetie! We all miss him very much♥♥♥Good luck to your Mom! Keeping all my little paws crossed!♥♥♥


  2. Those pics of you are lovely. 🙂 But we’re so sorry to hear about your boyfriend. What sad news. Our hearts go out to you and his family.

    Good luck to your mommy! We’re sure she has nothing to worry about! 🙂 Keeping our paws crossed! 😀

    Much love, Roxy & Tigerlino ❤


  3. Great photos Winter! I’m very sorry that you lost your Sweetie…..but I’m also sure he’s in your heart forever and ever and you’re in his. Makes it a little easier……glad you had a good Christmas AND here’s hoping the very BEST for your Mom with her promotion!!!

    Hugs, Sammy


  4. Elizabeth White

    Best of luck to Mom, she deserves that position!

    I am very sad, my sweet cyber-sis-furr that your darling Sweetie crossed the Bridge. I think you were having dreams of him while in your spot under the tree 🙂
    But I have Sox at the Bridge and I am sure they will team up and visit their darling furr-girls as much as possible…I will ask sweet Soxie to make sure he brings Sweetie along next time he swoops down to give me a lil kissie!

    Love and *purrs*

    Peanut Ann


  5. Theresa Mullins

    I have faith that ur mom will do just fine in her interview, she’s got a toe in cuz she’s been acting manager for a while. Tell her I said “break a leg!” It was so sad abt Sweetie. I miss him too baby. Love u! ❤️


  6. Winter’s photos are great! It’s been a loooong time since I’ve been here, but would you mind stopping by my blog real quick? I need reader advice, thank you.


  7. It looks like you had nice Christmas, Winter. Good luck to your mom! And we’re real sorry about Sweetie. Purrs….


  8. Beautiful Christmas photos. Good luck on the interview and so sorry for your kitty boyfriend loss.


  9. Good luck to your Mom we hope she gets the purrmotion. We’re sorry Sweetie had to go to the Bridge.

    The Florida Furkids


  10. So sorry to read your sad news xxx


  11. Hi Winter! Leaving another comment on behalf of Cat Scouts this time!!!! We know your birthday is February 10th and Scouts has a monthly party to everyone whose birthday is that month. It’s on the first Sunday of each month…..Think you might be able to come to Scouts for the party in February????? We all miss you!!!! Let me know if you can – you can leave a comment on my blog and I’ll get it!!! Thanks Winter………..

    Hugs, Sammy
    Wildcats Troop Leader, Cat Scouts


    • My birthday is December 12. 12/12/12 February is my gotcha day. 🙂 I will try dropping in on the Scouts if mom has time though. We had fun there. We kinda dropped a lot when Mom got more working hours. 😦


  12. Hi Winter so sorry about your boyfriend.
    I did love your retro photos though. Super
    And very good luck to Mom.


  13. Hi Winter. We have you as a kitty of honor at the Pawty at Scouts today for your GotCha day. Purrs


  14. Hi Winter. Just stopping by to say hello. Purring that Mom is all settled in her new position and you and Luna are doing well


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