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Video and award

My award from Dezi!

My award from Dezi!

This is my award from Dezi. I thankfully accept the award. In order to accept the award I must nominate 15 blogs. My issue is I am new and don’t have many friends. So What I will do is give the award to all my wonderful readers. I love you guys and thank you so much for taking the time out to read what I wrote. I can be quite boaring so I appreciate it. 😀

Ok For the video. In my previous post I stated how I have to use all four paws to knead when I do. Well mom got a short video of me doing it! So here it is!



I watch it rain!

Hey guys it has been really rainy. Not my ideal weather at all! Some of my friends were concerned as they have heard that there was flooding in my ‘neck of the woods’ but good news. No flooding here just lots of rain. It gets hot and humid not at all flattering for my fur!


Rain! Rain! No sun puddles!

I got an award from my lovely friend Dezi. I will post it when I get more time. My typist AKA Mom has been a bit overwhelmed lately because work is stressing her out. Then they want her to take on more which would mean less time at home with me. 😦 I don’t like that. Plus a few personal things but she has two days off soon so I will get her to compile the photos from my trip with my Sweetie for you guys. We got lots of beautiful landscape pictures.  It is stunning.


My baby and I are enjoying our trip

I am trying to keep up with all you guys. You are all so active! Luv ya guys.

OMC did you see all Luna’s fur on that curtain?! Mom washed it though and Luna is working on getting it back the way she had it. Moms don’t always understand us. Hehe

Shopping around the world


I stole Mom's shopping bag

Well I did something a bit….unusual last night. At least it was for me. I woke mom up kneading her (mot the unusual part) see I have this weird thing (Mom said it is weird) where when I knead with my front paws I can’t keep my back paws still. They go up and down and I shuffle about on Mom. She says it is endearing. Anyway Mom decided since she had to work early and didn’t sleep well the night before, that she would fall asleep in the middle of my menstruations. Rude right? Well I let her know it was not appreciated by digging my claws into her arm. She got the message and woke up again. While she still didn’t why I had woken her up to begin with. She started petting me. I enjoyed that very much but it didn’t fill my belly. Mom then realised I was there for more than lovin’. I wanted noms! So she went to get up and I latched onto her like a little spider monkey!  (No claws though) Mom thought it was so funny that I was hooked to her arm and then I got my noms! Hehe my plan worked out well!!

Ok I also want to send out a huge birthday wish to Dezi and Lexi’s Mom. I apologise for being late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a wonderful kitty Mom



Finally I joined in to do Bacon and Fozzie‘s Shopping Around the World:

Price of internet for one month: $45.00
Pint of Ben and Jerry’s: $5.25
Six pack of Coke: $2.50
Coffee: Community Coffee 1lb $6.35
Standard size Snickers bar: $0.85
Grooming session: Mom grooms me so I don’t have this one,  sorry

I live in Louisiana and food tax is $0.04 and non-food and service is $0.08 😀

Luv ya! Winter

Avery Island Monuments

So guys here is the monument photos of Avery Island. They have a Buddha there. It was pretty cool. They keep it on lock down though MOL I guess some people aren’t very serene huh. I will get back to my regularly scheduled kitty posting after this post. hehe I just thought you guys would enjoy seeing some of my home state. 😀 Hope you guys enjoyed it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Avery Island

So Mom found her photos she took at Avery Island. Like I mentioned before it is where the grow and make Tabasco hot sauce. She toured the factory, where she wasn’t allowed to take photos (sorry), they showed a video on the process of making the Tabasco. Plus she rode through their gardens. I know everyone enjoyed the Alligator photo so here is more. These are the ones that live at the Avery Island park.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow has all the trees and landscape that is there in the park. The area was very beautiful. At least we think so. 😀

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have more pictures of the monuments in the park I will share those later. My Sweetie and I toured the park together. It was bliss to be with him. Then tonight we are heading on our trip over back to his home of Australia. It should be amazing. ❤ Love you my baby!

Louisiana II

These are some photos from Avery Island. This is where they make Tabasco hot sauce. Mom toured the factory, she doesn’t have those photos on hand she has them on a CD somewhere she will have to dig them out at a later date. On Avery Island they have a garden/preserve. Where there are many swamp animals and birds all over these are just a few of the photos Mom had on hand to share with you. Until she finds her CD this is the few she has. It is a really pretty place. You can go there and ride your vehicle through it. Taking photos and stopping along the way. Mom and her friends saw lots of birds and alligators. If anyone is interested, I will see if I can get Mom to dig out her CDs and find the one with her trip on it.

Happy Memorial Day. Thank all you solders past, present, and future for everything. Life would be much different were it not for you brave men and women. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


I know I mentioned but I don’t know if you realize I am a southern kitty from south Louisiana. Born and raised here just as my Mom is. I haven’t been many place, but Mom has been to many different parts of southern Louisiana. I thought I might share a few photos of a few areas of Louisiana.

This slideshow here is of the Swamps of the Lake Plourde:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These are all photos taken by Mom during a fishing trip. She only caught two fish and an eel. Her fishing partner caught nothing. Not a good haul that day, but she did get to get these photos.

Quality Time

Well Mom’s Staycation is coming to a close. It was a wonderful week. We spent lots of time together and lots of outside time. I enjoy outside with Mom as I mentioned. We got to enjoy each other’s company. That also means a lot of photos! Mom and her pictures! hehe I hope you enjoy the slideshow!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We spent a lot of time outside. I naturally looked for shaded spots. It can get warm in Louisiana with all my fur! Mom kept a close eye on me too. Now I am worn out from the week and if you can see. I am exhausted and sleeping. I know Friday is a good day for most, but we have been dreading it since it marked the end of Mom being home with me every day! Well I guess things are going to be heading back to normal.

The Cat Scouts are having their Indy 500 celebration at the tabbt cat club because Cat Scouts site is having technical difficulties. Also over at the cat blogosphere they posted about the . Mom sent them an email. I hope they get it and that I get included in the calendar. that would be an awesomely cool honor. 😀

Luv ya,

Please Pray


Light your way home Winston

Please pray for Winston and his family. Winston went missing last night during stormy weather and hasn’t yet come home. This is unusual for him.
Many are worried and we pray for a safe return home. This is a very scary time for his family. Our hearts go out to them.

UPDATE: It is with a heavy heart I report Winston has gone over the bridge. Thank you all for your prayers.


Well I don’t think I mentioned it, but Mom is in vacation and that means more me time. I enjoy outside. Mom fully had no intentions of allowing me outside…ever. it didn’t work out that way. I saw the doggies going out and I wanted to go too! I always get my way. Mom said I got her wrapped around my paw!


See? I am outside!

With Mom on her week vacation from work she has been spending a lot of time outside with me. This makes me happy. I am chasing bugs and watching birds and lizards. As well as relaxing. Well I have developed a new habit this week that has Mom up in arms! First let me say I get to go out without a leash and harness because our yard is fenced in and I don’t try to leave. I NEVER go out alone. Well yesterday and today I decided to climb the fence. I wasn’t running off! Really I wasn’t! I was just chasing lizards.  Oh Mom is not happy about that. I hear noise along the lines of a harness coming out. She does have one for me but I rarely have to use it.


That is the wooden fence I keep trying to climb.

This harness business is not good. I wonder if I should try to listen. Not my strong suit I will tell you. Mom doesn’t call me ‘House Queen’ for nothing!


Outside with my nip plant!

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