New friend

Hi guys! I know I don’t post often. Mom got her new position which takes most of her time. Sadly that leaves little time for my blog. Mom got a little vacation time this week. I have been bugging her to let me introduce you all to my new friend, but she has been busy catching up on other things she hasn’t had time for. Anyway, my new friend is not quite what you would think. His name is George. He was a Water Dog when mom got him, See? Cool huh? Looks kinda like the dragon from How to Train your Dragon.

George in his Water Dog phase.

George in his Water Dog phase.

Anyway shortly after mom got him he moved on to his Salamander phase of life. He didn’t stay a in her fish tank long. He was a gift and mom thought he would forever live in the tank. She had no idea at first that he would change to a salamander and need a new home. Especially so soon after getting him. Well he is now a Salamander and I think he is cool. I like to sit at his terrarium and look for him. He puts his face to the glass and I love to watch him. This is his new home:

Mom even took him out so I could interact with him. He lunges at me sometimes and looks like he is going to bite. Don’t worry he hasn’t any teeth. He catches mom’s fingers all the time and she says it doesn’t hurt at all. We got a video of my meeting of George outside his home. Here it is: (sorry it is sideways)




Retro Christmas Part 1

Ok guys, I am going to do some Retro Christmas photos. Meaning the ones I didn’t get to share for Christmas since Mom didn’t help me ;P In this post I am going to share some Christmas preparations.

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Those who are interested in what is going on with Mom. She thanks everyone for their kind words, and support. She currently works as an assistant manager at a retail location. She has been with that company for eight years. Her boss went on medical leave. She doesn’t appear to be coming back so the district manager is wanting to promote her to manager. She has been acting manager for the past four months or so. Anyway, she has completed all the testing and passed she now has to do an interview with the regional manager Friday. Wish her luck. 😀 She is a little nervous.


On a sadder note. I wanted to let everyone know, my darling boyfriend has crossed the rainbow bridge. It was very tragic for us and his Mom and Dad. He got sick and went to the vet repeatedly but despite best efforts, and probably his age, he lost the battle. RIP my darling Sweetie, I miss you very much already. I know you are watching over me.


long time away


Hi all. I know it has been a loooonnngg time since I posted. Mom has been crazy busy. Her boss at work went on medical leave so she has been in charge and working extra hours. It doesn’t look like she is coming back so mom may be permanently in charge. Anyway enough about mom. I wanted to stop in and tell everyone I am doing fine. I will do some retro post of photos and all. I wish I could make it around to all of your blogs, but time is short. Thanks for the concern everyone.

20141103_050945 20141115_090727


Mom had this ratty scratcher in her room Luna loved laying on. Mom decided that she needed a new one and promised Luna a new one.


OMC look how ratty!

So Mom came home with a new one. I never really showed interest in the scratcher, that was always Luna ‘s thing. Well I shoved Luna right off that new scratcher and went to town on it!! Mom was surprised.  It was a good scratcher why would I want to scratch that old ratty one? Well Mom got off work at 10:30 and was ready to relax and lay down. She said she was not having me scratch that all night and keep her up. She picked it up and said we (me) would get it in the morning.  Well Mom didn’t think it through when she picked it up. Hehe!
I climbed into Mom’s bedroom window and ohh! There it was sitting on top of the tall stand! What self respecting kitty would ignore a fresh scratcher right there?! No this kitty!! I hoped up there and went crazy scratching and woke mom up! Hehe. She took photographic evidence! 

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Then she moved it again! Ugh I couldn’t get it this time! No worries though, I got it back when she woke a little later!



Loves to you all! ♡

Hi guys!


Hi all! I know I have been a bit MIA and I am sorry and miss you guys!  Mom has been going through things so hasn’t been able to help me keep up. I know there is no way I will be able to catch up so I will jump in when I can. Not a lot has gone on for me and the other furries.  Life as usual which includes napping! 


Then we had flea treatment day. I myself am not a fan of it but Luna is horrified by it. She balks but Mom usually come out the victor! Poor Luna is tramatised for the first few hours l, but it is for our own good.



Luv ya!

Jasper gets a bath

Ok guys this is rare footage of the Mom lady giving the whiny doggie a bath. It is so funny, enjoy.

P.S. I know we haven’t been around much but Mom has been busy and these stupid allergies are taking it all right out of her. Hope everyone is well.

Lots of Luv,

P.P.S.~ this was my 50th post! Yay for me 😀


Ok I got two awards the first is from kitty cat chronicles thank you so much! You guys are awesome! 
Rules: Thank and link back to the blog that nominated you (check), tell seven random facts y’all don’t know, choose up to 15 to receive the award – that is tougher Most of the blogs I would nominate were already nominated so if you haven’t done it please take it!


1) My only sister from my litter lives with an NFL team doctor
2) Although my brother is 3/4 wolf he doesn’t howl
3) My Mom said kitties and doggies are the only children she wants
4) I nearly choked on a blanket I chewed up
5) Luna used to live in a boat
6) Arabelle is scared of bad weather
7) My Mom’s natural hair color isn’t red hehe 😉

Second is from Sammy over at one spoiled cat


1.  If you could visit another planet, which one would it be and why?
I don’t know about this one Venus maybe because I like the name.

2.  Do you really think kitties have NINE lives?   If you’re a cat, what number are you on????
U mm probably not. We wouldn’t lose so many if they did. I would be on my second life if it were true.

3.  Do you like to eat bugs?
Not really. I usually catch and kill and leave them behind.

4.  Catnip or Silvervine?
Neither really. I am that weird cat that can take it or leave it

5.  Do you snore?

6.  What’s the funniest place you ever deposited a furball (got sickie)?
In Mom’s bed

7.  Do you get to eat wet foods AND kibble or are you on a special diet?
Kibble mostly. Mom used to regularly give us canned but I kinda stopped eating it.

8.  Do you like to get brushed or combed?
I like to be brushed as long as it isn’t my tummy or bum!

9.  Do you like riding in a car?
Nope not at all. I used to ride in Mom’s purse when I fit. It made me feel safe.

10) do you have health problems? 
No, currently I am healthy but I did have a scare as a kitten.

This is another one that if you didn’t get it, please take it.


1) what is your full name?
2) do you get along with other pets?
3) what is your favorite toy?
4) what is your favorite place to nap?
5) do you watch TV?
6) where would you go if you could go anywhere in the world?
7) do you dance?
8) do you like to go outside?
9) have you ever “escaped” your house
10) do you get grounded?

Also it is Timmy’s Birthday Happy birthday!


Go wish him a happy birthday!

My Spot


Hi guys! I don’t know if you noticed but the a lot of my photos feature me in the same spot. My Spot. It is a cabinet by the window. The humans tried to uses it and put things on it, but I promptly knocked them down and let them know that it wasn’t acceptable.  It is My Spot!
Well my sister Luna decided to make a play for my spot.


Oh my cat! What is she doing?!

Oh no this was not working for me!

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Well I guess I can share this time….

Cat Scouts Sock Hop!


Me in my poodle skirt!

Hi all! Last night, as you may know, was the Cat Scout’s sock hop! Mom had to work so I thought I would miss it, but Sammy and his girlfriend so kindly picked me up for the hop. There was lots of dancing and fun.

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Einstein danced with me and we got a photo of it! He was so fun and sweet. Then we had a dance contest. I didn’t enter since I was alone and thought I would not make the event. It was lots of fun to watch all the amazing dancers! There was a four-way tie! Congratulations to the winners! Dezi and Andy, Shoko and Sunny, Astrid and Sampson, Sundae and Sammy! Great job guys!


Special Surprise!!

Ok we had to make this post about a special Surprise Mom got in the mail! It was from my friend Mika ‘ Mom, Linda. She is Mom’s friend and sent Mom a purse tourch! It is like a credit card style flashlight.  It has penguins on it. Mom adores penguins!


Mika~my friend


Penguin torch light!

We just wanted to express how much we love it. 😆😚 Thank you so much!! Purrs to Mika and Mom!

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