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Vet II


Baby me sleeping

Well they ran all the typical test plus the stool sample. It turns out I had Coccidia. It is an intestinal parasitic infection. When in Cats it most often affects kittens. Your standard worming treatment will not treat this. So all though I had been wormed it didn’t help. I needed a specific medicine that Mom had to give me regularly for a week. It was nasty too. 😦 Mom still have it to me every day!


Sleeping in 'Mom's' bed

I slept with Mom every night I was sick. I had diarrhea really badly! Sometimes I couldn’t make it to the litter box! Then when I did it would get all over my furry pants. You know what that ment right? Baths and lots of them. Sometimes just my bottom and sometimes full baths. I was also getting it all over Mom’s bedding so she had to wash frequently.


After one of my baths

One night I curled upon Mom’s head. It made me feel comfortable and safe. Mom woke up and it was all in her hair! Oh Mom was horrified! She said if me getting that on her doesn’t prove her love she doesn’t know what will! Being so young and tiny it took a lot out of me. I mad it though! All with Mom’s help and that nasty medicine! I went back to the vet about a week later and they did another stool sample ( 😦  )and it was all clear! Yay!! I felt much better.


My baby Sweetie. So handsome isn't he?! 🙂

Oh yeah! My baby, Sweetie, and I have a date tonight!  I am excited he is a wonderful man kitty! <3- well his night my morning. He lives in Australia I am in the U.S. so far apart!

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