It all started with a photo

Hi guys, I am new to this blogging thing and figured I would start at the beginning. How I came to be where I am now. It all started with an online photo of me. Well you could say it was my mom’s desire to have a Ragdoll cat. She is by no means rich and every Ragdoll she found went for a significant cost. Well mom decided that this year (2013) was the year she was going to get one no matter what. She was using her income tax refund to gift herself. Well mom started searching for Ragdolls in Louisiana and to say it was difficult was an understatement!

There were two catteries that raised my breed but one hadn’t had any kittens for quite a while. Well she found the one that had me. She looked at all the kitten pictures and saw mine, she said she knew that I was the one. She held off for quite some time as she didn’t have the money. Well she finally got enough to put a hold on me. She called the lady and asked if I was still available. I was! How excited she was! She kept waiting on the paypal link to put my hold on and it never seemed to come! About half an hour later mom got a call from the lady, she said two nurses had come from out-of-town to look at the babies and they wanted me! OMC mom got nervous she really wanted me. To her relief the lady said since I had called (a mere) five minutes before they arrived Mom was to get me. She was so ecstatic! Next time I will post our first meeting and how I got my unusual name. Till next time!

This is one of the photos posted on the site that mom saw

This is one of the photos posted on the site that mom saw

This is the second photo she saw

This is the second photo she saw


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  1. OMC Winter, you’s so cute. Meez so glad yous mommy helped yous set up yous bloggy. It’s purrfect!!! Like yous ders not many weputable Ragdoll bweedews in Oklahoma eevew. Der’s mowe bad wuns like da one meez wus wescued fwum. Meez can’t wait tu heaw mowe. 😀

    Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥



  2. Mommy and I fully support rescue kitties, but don’t think we should lose our different breeds in the process. The breed diversity is amazing. Those careless breeders make it worse. I am so sorry you had to be born from a bad breeder, but then you might not be where you are. Some things are just meant to be. I am excited to embark on this blog. I just need to get a little more social. MOL that can be difficult for us until we break the ice.

    Luv Ya!! 😀 ❤


  3. Winter you were a beautiful baby! You and your mommy were really meant to be! Glad you started blogging. I started January 1, 2014 and have had a great time!


  4. Wow! You’re such a beauty! And your blog is lovely! 🙂 Have a PURRFECT weekend! 😀 xoxo Roxy & Tigerlino ❤


  5. Hi Winter!!! I’m so happy you decided to talk your Mom into helping you with a blog – as you know, today is my third blogaversary and I’ve met SO MANY wonderful friends for me and my Mom through my blog. I’m glad you and I met on Scouts – it’s tons of fun isn’t it?! I enjoyed seeing your “baby” photos – what a cute baby you were and what a pretty girl you are now…..Mom and I think Ragdolls are a gorgeous breed of cat. Anyway, thanks for following me – I’m now following YOU!

    Hugs, Sammy


    • Hi Sammy! It is good to see you here. Dezi actually talked Me and Mom inti the blog. She is so sweet. I told her we weren’t interesting enough but she said go for it. I love Cat Scouts! It is lots of fun and I am glad to have met you there and joined your troop. I am looking forward to our trip!


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